The Florence Pillars

Florence’s mission to be the most customer-centric healthcare company is built on four pillars.

#1. Patient is King.

In other industries, the phrase “The Customer is King” is the rule of thumb. In healthcare, unfortunately the rule more often resembles “Insurance Company is King” or “Pharmaceutical Company is King.”

Florence’s #1 core value that drives everything we do is that in healthcare, the customer - the patient - must be king. Every company decision starts and ends with this principle, including how Florence evaluates hiring decisions.

#2. Leading Clinicians.

At the end of the day, the quality of the healthcare we deliver is a function of the quality of the doctors and the nurses we work with. So to truly deliver a “Patient is King” service, Florence goes to great lengths to make sure that before we decide to enter a community we are able to identify and partner closely with the best physicians, nurses and hospitals in that community.

#3. Outcomes-Driven.

Isn’t it strange that in healthcare generally, if you go to two different doctors for the same problem and Doctor X is totally off base on the diagnosis and treatment while Doctor Y hits the diagnosis and treatment out of the park they still get paid exactly the same? We thought so too. That’s part of what inspired Florence — to deliver healthcare that aligns doctors, nurses and hospitals with achieving the result that the patient wants. Like in other industries, successful teamwork often begins and ends with incentives.

#4. Privacy & Security.

Unfortunately in this day & age, privacy and security are often afterthoughts of ambitious companies chasing stock price increases and marketing partnerships.

We definitively say “No” to this approach, and firmly believe is that a “Patient is King” business model must never compromise the privacy or security of those we serve.