Medicare Primary Care Benefits

#1. Your Annual Wellness Visit.

Great primary care starts with an Annual Wellness Visit. Once a year, your doctor will do a full screen for the potential dangers on the horizon, as well as listen to and answer any health questions or concerns you or your family may have that have come up since your last appointment. Because this yearly visit is so important, Medicare already makes it free of charge to all Medicare beneficiaries.

#2. Check-ins, without the check.

The Annual Wellness Visit is a great yearly baseline visit for many Medicare members. But many members also like to have a check-in visit every 3 or 6 months for peace of mind, especially as they get older.

Florence realizes the value of these check-ins in preventing emergency events, so we make them free just like your Annual Wellness Visit. Get your Florence Primary Care Benefit card at your doctor’s office if you’re eligible, and never pay for primary care again.



#3. Cancel Cancer.

As we get older, our odds get worse for running into the tragic “C” word. The good news is that treatments for all forms of cancer have come a long way, and especially if your primary care doctor can catch an emerging case in its earliest stages.

Florence primary care now includes a nation-leading cancer screening program as part of your Annual Wellness Visit. If you have a family history of cancer and are eligible, your primary care doctor can now smartly use your genetic code to catch cancer earlier — saving lives and improving each member’s quality of life.

#4. Need a ride to the doctor’s office? We’ll even send you a taxi.

We believe in knocking down any barriers to you seeing your primary care provider. So if you need a ride to or from your primary care office and are eligible, let your doctor’s staff know when you are booking your appointment and we will send a car pick you up through our partners at Lyft.