Putting the “care” back in healthcare.

Our creed is simple: Patient First. You’ve worked your whole life for your Medicare benefits — the program shouldn’t be doctor first, it shouldn’t be health plan first, and it definitely shouldn’t be government first. There’s only one voice that matters in our opinion: yours and your family’s.

The Florence Pillars


#1. Patient is King.

Florence’s #1 core value that drives everything we do is that in healthcare, the customer - the patient - should be king. Every company decision starts and ends with this principle.



#2. Leading clinicians.

The quality of the healthcare you receive is a function of the quality of the doctors and the nurses you have. So to truly deliver a “Patient is King” service, Florence identifies and partners only with the best physicians, nurses and hospitals in the community.



#3. Results-oriented.

We believe a doctor who does a good job should get paid more than a doctor who does a bad job. Rocket science, right? Well, that’s part of what inspired Florence — to deliver healthcare that aligns doctors, nurses and hospitals with achieving the result that the patient wants.



#4. Privacy & Security.

Before every appointment, your care team reviews your medical record securely to be prepared for the visit and to make the best use of the time with you. In “Patient First” healthcare, privacy & security must never be compromised.


The Medicare Card for Primary Care Benefits.

With Florence, if you are not enrolled in an HMO or Supplemental Insurance Plan, we’ll cover critical primary care services & benefits. Get your Florence Primary Care Benefit card if you are eligible.